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Meditation without Gods, Reincarnation, Afterlife or the Supernatural

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Will meditation make me dull and lacking emotion?

Will meditation make me dull and lacking emotion? The short answer is no! Absolutely not. It’s a hard, no. The people who I know and I have known across...

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Do I need a mantra to meditate?

Do you need a mantra to meditate? The short is answer is no, you do not. The slightly longer answer is no, you definitely do not. But you might...

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What should I do when thoughts come up?

One of the most common questions about meditation is what do I do with those distracting thoughts that come up during meditation? In truth, this question is as much...

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Can I learn meditation from a book?

The short answer? Yes, you pretty much can. It’s a short answer, but it’s not like a super high endorsement with spectacular confidence answer. But the answer is still...

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How do I know if I’m meditating?

How do I know if I’m meditating? The best measure might be how are you feeling when you’re not on the meditation cushion? Do you notice a change in...

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Meditation has taken off like a monk sitting still in full lotus pose. Okay, maybe that comparison doesn’t quite work. But meditation is popular now and Meditation Questions is here to answer..well…your questions. 

Join listeners across the world as they turn to Parampreet Singh’s potent and whimsical answers to common meditation questions. Fun to listen, easy to apply, satisfying to share.