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Meditation without Gods, Reincarnation, Afterlife or the Supernatural

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What is the difference between meditation and mindfulness?

What’s the difference between meditation and mindfulness? When I researched this online, ninety percent of the websites edged towards the answer that mindfulness is the bigger, overarching umbrella term...

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How can I meditate to music and what is kirtan?

What is Kirtan? Kirtan refers to devotional songs and music from the various Indian religious traditions. I grew up in one of these traditions. I grew up in a...

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Can I meditate to music?

Can you meditate to music? The short answer is yes, you can meditate to music. In fact some meditation traditions actually encourage using music for meditation. One such tradition...

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Do I need a timer to meditate?

Do I need a timer to meditate? The short answer is when you’re starting out in meditation then yes, I recommend using a timer. It’s not necessary, you don’t...

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How do you deepen your meditation?

How do I deepen my meditation? The short answer with experience and practice. On this podcast we like to compare meditation to learning music and that comparison works for...

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Meditation has taken off like a monk sitting still in full lotus pose. Okay, maybe that comparison doesn’t quite work. But meditation is popular now and Meditation Questions is here to answer..well…your questions. 

Join listeners across the world as they turn to Parampreet Singh’s potent and whimsical answers to common meditation questions. Fun to listen, easy to apply, satisfying to share.